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Horsehair Shoofly

Shooflies for your horse or tassels for you?

We have beautiful hand-made horsehair tassels and shooflies, 3.5" to 12" Long. Also called a cowboy fly swatter.
All three names mean the same: shoofly, shoo-fly, and shu fly.
The principal purpose is to keep the flies shood away.
The word "shoo" means to frighten or drive away a person or animal.
"Fly", is just the common fly.
Some people use them simply as decoration.

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Long Horsehair Shoo-Fly

12 inch Horsehair Shoo#45;Fly with Horsehair Knot
Horsehair Shoo-Fly

12 inch Horsehair Shoo#45;Fly with Hitched Horsehair Knot
Horsehair Shoo-Fly

12 inch Horsehair Shoo#45;Fly with Rawhide Knot
Horsehair Shoo#45;Fly

Medium Horsehair Shu Fly

Double Horsehair Shu Fly
Horsehair Shu Fly

Medium Horsehair Shu Fly
Horsehair Shu Fly

Customer reviews:

by Charlotte
Hi, Joe. I just wanted to let you know the horsehair shooflys and choker arrived in the mail yesterday. The shooflys are BEAUTIFUL! Wow, really, really great. They're so thick and luxurious I have to worry about your horses going bald because all their hair goes into making tassels.


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