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Horse Hair Bracelet with Amber or Black Bone Bead

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These bracelets are constructed using a four-string braiding technique, which yields a square strand.
Two such strands are sewn together with a center string of black, amber, and/or turquoise-color bone beads.
A silver-color lobster-claw clasp completes the bracelet. (See Picture) The Lobster Claw Clasp is the safest clasp to own. It's the most durable of all the clasps. It's heavy and It's solid, so it won't come open. You won't have to worry about it coming loose, breaking or falling off!
They are all handmade and no two are exactly alike.
Length is 7 1/2" to 8".
American made in Texas.

White Horse Hair Bracelet with Turquoise and Amber Bone Bead

White Horse Hair Bracelet with Turquoise and Amber Bone Bead

Item # 401-WWB-HH84G-7
$25.70 each

White Horse Hair Bracelet with Black and Amber Bone Bead

White Horse Hair Bracelet with Black and Amber Bone Bead

Item # 401-WWB-HH84G-8
$25.70 each

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Buckskin Horse Hair Bracelet with Black Bone Bead

Buckskin Horse Hair Bracelet with Black Bone Bead

Item # 401-WWB-HH84G-9
$25.70 each

Black and Sorrel Horse Hair Bracelet with Turquoise and Amber Bone Bead

Black and Sorrel Horse Hair Bracelet with Turquoise and Amber Bone Bead

Item # 401-WWB-HH84G-12
$25.70 each

What is Horse Hair?

Horsehair is the long, coarse hair growing on the manes and tails of horses. Horsehair can be very stiff or very fine and flexible. Mane hair is generally softer and shorter than tail hair. The texture of horsehair can be influenced by the breed and management of the horse, including natural conditions such as diet or climate.

What is Horse Hair Braiding?

Most horse hair braiders use a square or box braiding technique to create the strands. The strands are about 1/8" square and then can be sewn together side-by-side to make a wide surface for any project. For example, a seven-strand hat band will be 7/8"wide.

What are Beads?

Beads are known to be one of the earliest forms of trade between the human race. It is thought that is because of bead trading that humans developed language. Beads are said to have been used and traded for most of our history. The oldest beads found to date were at Ksar Akil in Lebanon. Prior to this find, the beads found in the Blombos Cave were the oldest, at about 72,000 years. Round is the most common shape of beads. The shape of the round beads lay together and is pleasing to the eye. Round beads can be made of glass, stone, ceramic, metal or wood.

What are Bone Beads?

One of the first type of beads that were made was bone beads. These beads are made from actual bones, which are shaped and threaded to use in decorating. Most modern bone beads are a byproduct of the food industry. Bone beads are often soaked in tea, coffee or ink to change the color.

What is a Lobster Claw Clasp?

Why a Lobster Claw Clasp? It is the safest, most secure, durable necklace or bracelet clasp on the planet. Lobster clasps are named as such because of their "pinching" mechanism, and they are often shaped like a lobster's claw. They have a tiny spring in its mechanism that keeps the arm closed until you push on the lever. It is easily opened or closed by holding the small lever, usually with a fingernail long enough to apply (which is great, because you can put your own jewelry with no Problem). They are smooth to the touch and they won't snag or catch your clothing or sweaters.


How To Clean Horse Hair Jewelry


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