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Hitched Horsehair Key Ring with Tassel

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Hitched Horsehair Key Ring with Tassel

Hitched Horsehair Key Ring with Tassel

Hitching is begun by twisting tail hairs together to create what are called pulls. Sometimes they are called twists, strings or strands, but for this discussion we'll call them pulls. The pulls are knotted over a string using open or closed half hitches. This is where the name hitching comes from. These half hitches are done over a string that is wrapped around a dowel. As the knots are made the pattern works its way around the dowel in a continuous circle. The pattern builds as the string goes around the dowel. The pattern is determined by open or closed hitches as well as adding and dropping pulls. Different colors can be added to make interesting patterns.
The process of hitching is very time consuming and thus the hitched items that are produced are naturally quite expensive. Horsehair hitching can not be mass produced, so a one of kind piece can be well worth the price.
The length is 6".
American made in Texas.

Item # 401-WWB-HH231

$23.70 each
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